Saturday, August 15, 2009

Selected Phone Samsung I900 Omnia

When Business Meets Entertainment Business mixed with Entertainment is the concept of bringing Omnia in the scene. With a massive storage for your personal files for easy access like your best shots at the beach or even listening to your favorite song all in your handset that you can have in your pocket. Everything will be portable even files from your office emails that will be keeping you updated with your business just on the tip of your fingers. Windows Mobile Camera phone The Samsung i900 Omnia packs a really nice 5 mega pixel camera, which produces images with a maximum resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels. It comes equipped with auto focus, digital image stabilizer, face recognition, smile detection, and geotagging courtesy of the built-in GPS receiver. The LED flash next to the camera lens completes the tally. The Omnia camera shoots in landscape mode and makes use of the dedicated camera key. It's got an intuitive user interface that makes changing settings on-the-go a breeze. Your Mobile Office is Here Too Among the WM core applications is the Office Mobile package featuring support for viewing and editing Word, Excel, and Power Point files. With the latest version of the Office Mobile, you also have the OneNote application. Thanks to the pre-installed Boratech File Viewer, there is also support for viewing PDF documents. Performance when working with PDF file is commendable, but that's to be expected with the powerful processor. The pre-installed Biz Card Reader is a rather handy utility to scan text or business cards and it comes with character recognition. It does an impressive job at that - at least in English. Business card scanners are not something new but that's among the first document scanners implemented in a GSM handsets, and it's quite good too. GPS Navigator The Samsung i900 Omnia features a built-in GPS receiver. The Omnia supports A-GPS - it means you can download current satellite data over Wi-Fi or the 2G/3G network for a much faster satellite lock upon cold start. While a cold start can take anywhere between 5 or 7 minutes, with A-GPS lock is obtained within a minute. Image gallery is excellent When it comes to image browsing, the Samsung Omnia Media Album is really fast displaying and browsing those 5 mega pixel images full screen. It's actually a full featured file browser that shows only multimedia folder contents. Since it's universal ,you can filter the shown files by type. Back to image browsing the Media Album certainly benefits from the auto screen rotation feature. You zoom in and out by simply dragging your thumb up or down the image. The first zoom step is a bit slow, but we are talking 5 megapixel images here. At this point we are really pleased with the Samsung solution. Music is always important The Samsung Touch Player caters for the music department on the Omnia. You can sort music by album, artist, and genre or you can create custom play lists. Sorting the tracks by album brings the album cover interface. The album covers look nice and large, and can also be displayed full screen while you're listening to music.

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