Saturday, August 15, 2009

Selected Phone Nokia N96

Display The 2.8" treat of a screen is probably the best way for Nokia N96 to salvage some pride. Excellent picture is a perfect complement to its generous size. In all fairness, brightness has been slightly reduced. The contrast is also commendable. Sunlight legibility has always been the Nokia element. Nokia N96 makes no exception remaining perfectly legible even on the brightest of days.
Customizations The Nokia N96 main menu offers four different view modes. Two of them are the well-known 4 x 3 grid and a simple list. In addition, you can choose whether you prefer your icons animated or not. The other two available modes are the 3D V-shape and Horseshoe layouts. The font sizes throughout the menus are also configurable depending on your preferences. There are only three pre installed themes on Nokia N96, but you are by no means limited to them only. Downloading additional ones from the internet and installing them on your N96 is quick and easy and the choices offered are endless.
Connecting people Nokia Nseries are all about connectivity and it is hardly a surprise that the flagship supports all popular means of data transferring. USB 2.0 and Bluetooth 2.0 are a nice start of the lengthy list. All kinds of network connectivity are also on board - from aging GPRS, through EDGE to 3G with HSDPA - Nokia N96 has it all.
To complete the wireless communication tally, Wi-Fi with UPnP support is also at hand. A nice improvement coming with the FP 2 now allows for quick locating of hidden wireless networks with the sharpish WLAN scanner right on the stand-by screen. This was also possible with the previous Nokia handsets but took a lot more time, as the WLAN wizard had to be used. Even the memory card slot is here and makes good value if you have a card reader at hand.
Music player flying high The music player is another noteworthy Nokia N96 application. With the huge number of supported formats you will hardly ever come across an audio file that the phone won't play. Album art is also supported but unluckily there are no alternative visualizations. Your music library is automatically sorted by artist, album, genre and composer and searching tracks by gradual typing is also available. You can also create your own play lists in no time. The process of adding tracks to the library is as simple as choosing the refresh option. You can avoid that if you upload the music via Nokia's proprietary PC Suite application The player comes with five equalizer presets and if they seem insufficient you can create new ones in a matter of seconds. Quite naturally, the player can also be minimized to play in background. In this case a tab appears on the stand-by screen indicating the currently running track. Finally the A2DP Blue tooth profile means that you can enjoy your favorite tracks on a stereo wireless headset.
DVB-H Nokia N96 also comes complete with a DVB-H tuner, which enables it to receive digital TV broadcasts. Through the Live TV application you can access mobile television and radio services and watch and listen to digital programs. Here is the list of lucky places, where you can enjoy digital TV on hand held devices.
N-gaging the games section Nokia N96 comes in with quite a number of N-gage games preloaded. The new Nokia gaming platform is really great and with the dedicated gaming key you are up for an exciting time with this phone.
GPS navigation Nokia N96 has a built-in GPS chip that can be considered a serious upgrade. With a far more sensitive receiver, Nokia N96 is coming close to some of the best examples in the business. The built-in GPS receiver works with the Nokia Maps application, which is one of the software navigation applications to offer the most detailed maps. Furthermore, it is free and relatively easy to use, as far as the most basic functionality is concerned. What's even better, with Nokia N96 it comes complete with 3 months worth of free voice-guided navigation. This basically means Nokia N96 is good to serve as an in-car navigation unit straight out of the box.

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