Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Window Mobile 6.5 Phone

With Windows Mobile 6.5 out today, it's now up to the wireless carriers and smartphone makers to bring out their best hardware for the occasion. HTC is stepping up in the biggest way, with the HTC Pure, HTC Imagio, HTC Ozone and HTC Tilt 2 arriving today or in the next couple of weeks. Samsung's also warming to WinMo with the Samsung Intrepid. As for carriers, all the majors except T-Mobile are on this bandwagon, so you'll have AT&T, Sprint and Verizon Wireless to choose from. (See Related Review of HTC Pure: HTC Pure Smartphone: Nice Price, Skimpy Features) If you believe that the operating system is the heart and soul of any smartphone, you're probably more interested in Windows Mobile 6.5 itself than the hardware it's on. Microsoft's mobile platform is decidedly less flashy than the iPhone or Palm's WebOS, but it'll get you through the work day with its eye towards productivity. Sure, the reviews are pretty dismal so far, calling it a mostly cosmetic update that isn't worth an upgrade to a new phone, but we know some of you don't care what the critics say: It's WinMo or bust, and only the newest version will do. For all those WinMo enthusiasts--we know you're out there somewhere--have some choices to make, should your current wireless contract be up for renewal soon. So here's our gallery of the five latest Windows Mobile 6.5 phones, looking all slick in their marketing photos. As with any phone, choose wisely, as you'll be stuck with it for two years. more